Thorpes Work Experience

Last week we welcomed college student Jack to Thorpes HQ for a weeks work experience.

Jack, like many others his age, is feeling a little unsure about what he wishes to do in the future, so we gave him the opportunity to create his own project and experience two very different roles this week, working alongside both the Marketing and Factory Teams.

Read his excellent blog below to find out more about how he got on.

On being told by my college that I was required to complete a work experience program, I was delighted. It was the chance to go out into the real world and experience what life would be like post-education. Previously, in the summer, I had completed three weeks work at Thorpes on the shop floor but for this week I decided I wanted to see more of how the factory ran and how it can appear to function effortlessly.

As a student I am faced with the tough task of choosing possible career paths to explore and this week was the perfect way for me to experience a different side to business and broaden my horizons even more. Marketing Manager Jamie Thorpe introduced me to the roles and responsibilities he shared and immediately I was excited for the week that lay ahead.

It wouldn’t all be office work though. Getting the chance to design my own project and carry it out on the shop floor was an opportunity I couldn’t wait to get started. In my previous experience at Thorpes I was assisting others and helping them out in any way that I could but this freedom was exciting, a chance to show off my skills and learn more about the trade.

Step one: Panel sizing

My first step to constructing my masterpiece was to cut the smaller panels for a bookcase to their core size based on the drawing that had been completed on Monday in the office. The panels were all 18mm and able to go through the lipper resulting in the finished product being clean and wonderfully executed.

Panels ready to go

Even on the short walk from the joiner’s bench I was working on to the sander, the feel of the factory was explicitly light and welcoming. Whether I had been introduced or not there was always question of how am I which ensured, in my mind, that Thorpes was a company with its employees at heart. The purpose of calibrating the panels is to ensure that when the panels go in the press, they don’t have lumps and blemishes as the unfinished wood will create an uneven surface resulting in a poor finish. This guarantees that quality products leave the factory and arrive safely on site ready to be fitted and finished to a superior standard.

Panels in the early veneer process

Whilst this was all going on, veneer leaves were getting prepared, ready to be pressed.

Once both the veneers and the panels were ready it was time to press the various sections of the bookcase to give them their oak finish. This process was completely alien to me but by the end of the day I was able to prepare a panel and clean it up ready for the next stage in production.

All that was needed now was to cut the panels from core size down to finished size. This involves using the panel sizer, a machine that I used on my last time working here. Due to this I was given more of a free role and this gave me the confidence to be able to cut the panels down and remove them safely to minimise the chance of breaking the panels or snapping the veneer.

I was guided throughout by the talented factory team

With all the panels now being the right size, we had all the components to be able to construct the bookcase. To prevent everything on the shelves from falling out of the back, a thin backboard was cut. A small groove was required to slot the backboard in before screwing it firmly into the sides and the central divide to prevent it from falling out of place and having the contents tumbling out after it. The machine needed to complete this was the spindle.

The next process involves putting in biscuit holes and gluing the panels together. When this process is done the cramps to hold the panels in place must be applied gently. When the areas that needed to be cut are highlighted a biscuit jointer is used to cut in the gaps in the panels where the biscuits will fit in order to glue the hold bookcase together. It is at this stage the pieces be slotted together for the first time to see what the whole case will look like.

When the unit is together loosely like this it is imperative to ensure that the bookcase does not fall and, as a result, break on the floor. However, a major positive of constructing the bookcase like this is that it is easily visible to see where all of the screws and nickel pegs will be inserted. Jigs can then be constructed and used to accurately drills holes where the screws will go to hold the shelves and the back board in place.

Penultimate steps completed

The edges around the case will need to be sanded using an edge sander and then the rest of the panel faces will be sanded using a drum sander to make sure that all of the faces of all the panels are ready to be sprayed and no blemishes will emerge and ruin the design of the case. Once this is done the corners and edges will need to be arrised up and finished by hand to provide a clean and professional finish.

Then it was all taken to the spray shop to be sprayed and finished up to highlight the lovely colour and pattern of the oak used.

Once this is complete I was at the penultimate stage where the panels are ready to be glued together and constructed. Because the biscuit holes are in it is just a case of gluing the biscuits in and attaching the connecting panel before using quick cramps to hold them resolute. The only elements that are not for gluing and cramping are the shelves and also the top. It is important to not attach the longer cramps directly on the wood as this can cause damage to the product.

A block of sanded wood should be placed between the cramp and the side panel to make sure that the Thorpes high standard of work is adhered to. Once the glue is dry the nickel pegs can be inserted into the holes and at this stage the bookcase begins to look complete. Lifting the top slowly and approaching with caution is sensible at this stage as the heavy top could damage the whole bookcase should it be dropped by accident. Even on the closing stages of production, the Thorpes team ensure that all manufactured goods are finished to an exquisite level.

The finished product!

As a whole the project was amazing to work on especially considering I have never had the chance to take part in a project on my own like this before. The skills I have learned will be able to be carried across into all aspects of my life. Working with people who are older than I am is really helpful as obviously their life experience long outweighs mine and the advice that they give can be really useful and does help my decisions in further education.

The support they have given me has helped me to build my bookcase and without the aid and guidance it would not be complete. The final design is very good and I am happy with the finish but it will not be able to be fully evaluated before it is placed in its intended position to ensure that it fits well. All the measurements were taken and followed precisely, checking at each stage, and the finished product matched the drawing perfectly. The project was a great experience for me to see what life at Thorpes is like and I have enjoyed my time here greatly and want to thank all of the staff for letting me come and have this amazing experience.

National Apprentice Week 2019 - Career Pathways

We are proud of all of our Apprentices both past and present, and so we are delighted to celebrate National Apprentice Week 2019 here at Thorpes.

We are fortunate to have trained apprentices since our inception over 70 years ago, as we firmly believe they provide fantastic opportunities for growth both personally and professionally which opens many career pathways for the future.

Many of those who have completed apprenticeships chose to remain with us, and we spoke to some from different parts of our company to find out first-hand how an apprenticeship has benefited them.

Take a look at their timelines below:

Scott - Infographic (3).png
Simon Infographic (1).png

So where can an Apprenticeship in Construction take you?

Well, we believe with commitment and hard work, they can take you just about anywhere you want to go in the industry, as proven by the two journeys above - both Simon and Scott started in similar positions but have taken up roles in completely differing departments, highlighting the wonderful variation available in our industry.

Thorpes is the perfect example of this, with apprentices in various factory and office departments from bench joiners through to designers.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship with us here please do get in touch below, we would love to hear from you.


Our move into our new and improved home in September 2017 has been a success. Manufacturing space increased by 60% and alongside that our office space grew too, but all those new desks were not made to lay there empty.

Our company is growing fast and we needed to fill those seats with some fresh faces. We truly believe we provide some great opportunities here at Thorpes with strong company values and a work ethos like no other.

That is why we recently welcomed THREE new members to the office team at Thorpes HQ

Say hello to…


Richard - Contracts Manager

Richard is no stranger to Thorpes Joinery having previously worked for us back in Great Glen many moons ago. Starting his career as a bench joiner, he moved his way through the ranks into Estimating and onto Project Management and Surveying.

After gaining several years of experience with us Richard made the move to France, spending two years working for Christian Prugent - a specialist shop fitting company.

Since then he has returned to the UK and has gained further experience in various roles - including director; within the specialist joinery market. He now boasts over 20 years experience.

We welcomed Richard back to Thorpes in October 2018 as a Contracts Manager.


Paul - Draughtsman

Paul started his journey studying a degree in 3D Furniture Design at Loughborough University. After graduating Paul began his career by learning the fundamentals of joinery in the workshop before becoming a site engineer.

Wanting to further his career and his ambition for design Paul gained a City & Guilds Auto CAD qualification which soon landed him a job in Nottingham as a Draughtsman for a shop fitting firm.

Since then Paul has continued to build his career and experience working in Project & Technical Design for a number of joinery companies and we welcomed him into our Design department as a Draughtsman in December 2018.


Tamsin - Marketing & Office Assistant

Tamsin’s interest in Marketing was sparked whilst studying her A-levels in Business, Communication & Culture and Media. Since then she has built her experience base through various opportunities in previous job roles. The majority of Tamsin’s knowledge and skill in the industry is self-taught from running her own successful blog, social media platforms and fitness website.

Tamsin joined our Marketing department in February 2019.


Would you like to become part of the team here at Thorpes?

Check out our vacancies page ->


Christmas Raffle Breaks Records

Thorpes Staff Raise £1000 For ‘Wishes 4 Kids’

One of Thorpes’ long-standing traditions exceeded all prior records to raise a staggering £1,000, with all proceeds once again going to Wishes 4 Kids.

Once again organised by Rob Porter and Adam Littlewood - factory staff members with 30 years experience here at Thorpes between them - the raffle was very generously supported, both in terms of donations from our team and in the number of tickets sold.

Some generous donations meant there was a whole host of great prizes to be won.

Some generous donations meant there was a whole host of great prizes to be won.

Rob and Adam once again hosted the event in the staff canteen.

Rob and Adam once again hosted the event in the staff canteen.

We were delighted to be able to welcome Gary Lowe from Wishes 4 Kids to collect the cheque on behalf of this wonderful charity and to tell us more about the valued work the charity undertake.

Based in Leicestershire, Wishes 4 Kids grant wishes for seriously ill children all across the county, providing a treasured moment for both the child and their parents. If you would like to learn more about this extremely deserving charity and the work they do, follow the link:

Adam and Rob welcomed Charity Manager Gary to our factory to collect the cheque and hear more about the work Wishes 4 Kids do in our community and beyond.

Adam and Rob welcomed Charity Manager Gary to our factory to collect the cheque and hear more about the work Wishes 4 Kids do in our community and beyond.

Considerate Constructors Rating Revealed for 2018

We are delighted to announce that Thorpes Joinery have been awarded a 4 Star rating for 2018 following several audits by monitors from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Since our registration to the scheme our team have been working hard towards their ‘Code of Considerate Practice"‘ which seeks to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice.

Key areas assessed include:

  • Care about Appearance - Enhancing the image of the indsutry through organised, clean and tidy sites, both internal and external.

  • Respect the Community - Provide consideration to our neighbours and the public by showing courtesy to those affected by our work.

  • Protect the Environment - Protect and enhance our environment by seeking sustainable practices and promoting responsible production.

  • Secure everyone’s Safety - Attain the highest levels of safety performance by caring for the welfare of the public, visitors and work face.

  • Value their Workforce - Provide a supportive and caring working environment where everyone is respected, treated fairly, encouraged and supported.

Our sites were assessed by Monitors against the above criteria and awarded four stars, a result which we are delighted with, as in order to do so, a rating of “Excellent” or higher is required in all areas.

High standards have been maintained at all stages of our production process.

High standards have been maintained at all stages of our production process.

We are delighted to have achieved this rating from the Considerate Constructors scheme. It is a great endorsement of the hard work throughout all levels of our organisation to improve the image of construction, something we firmly believe is a priority for our industry
— David Dean, Managing Director