Thorpes Joinery Sponsor 'Mates In Mind' Charity

 We are delighted to announce that Thorpes Joinery are the latest sponsor of the ‘Mates in Mind’ Charity.

This sector wide initiative was established in 2016 by the Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG) and the British Safety Council to “provide clear information to employers on available support and guidance on mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing, and how they can address this within their organisations”.

No Health Without Mental Health

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The aims of the charity are clear:

  •   Raise awareness and understanding of mental health and ill-health.

  • Help people to understand how, when and where to get support.

  • Break the silence and stigma through promoting cultures of positive wellbeing throughout the industry.  

They are ambitious in their goals, clearly recognising that time is an important factor in combatting the mental health issue within the industry. In fact, Mates In Mind aims to have reached 75% of the construction industry by 2025.

They are certainly well on the way to achieving this. We are extremely proud to be sponsoring the scheme alongside many other forward-thinking construction firms such as Mace, Wilmott Dixon & Belfour Beatty amongst others.

An Industry Wide Challenge

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged between 15 and 49. 3 out of 4 suicides are men. Too many men are struggling alone.
— Mates in Mind - Why we're taking action
  • 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year

  • 9 in 10 who suffer from mental health problems say they face a stigma and discrimination as a result

  • 526,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety were diagnosed in 2016/17

  • 12.5 million working days were lost as a result of poor mental health (average of 23.8 days per case)

  • A construction industry worker is a staggering 63% more likely to die from suicide. (Office of national statistics, 2011-2015)

  • 25% of Construction workers have contemplated suicide (Construction News survey 2017)

  • 1,400 Construction workers ended their lives between 2011-2015 (Office of national statistics, 2011-2015)

I attended the Wellbeing in Construction Summit early in November 2018. During one of the presentations the attendees in the room were asked to raise their hands if “they have had a colleague that had either taken their own life or had attempted to”. I reflected back on my own experience and cautiously raised my hand. I did so slowly and cautiously because I thought I would be one of a very small majority. The room became absolutely silent. When I turned to look at the rest of the attendees almost every seat had a person with their hand in the air.

When you read figures and statistics you automatically question them, where did the statistic come from? What was the sample was used? You look for anything to suggest that it doesn’t reflect what you or your company do, that it won’t happen to you or within your company. The reality is that almost every single person in that room had been through an experience that made them raise their hand.
— Kristal Scotton, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Thorpes Joinery Ltd.

At Thorpes we understand that the workplace has a significant impact on people’s daily lives, health and general wellbeing and we are committed to delivering a safe and healthy workplace. This includes surveillance and support for both physical and mental health issues.

Over the last few weeks we have made mental health a focus point with the aim of identifying where we can improve, provide support and remove stigma. Although currently our focus point, we also understand that creating an environment that is open and supportive not can be achieved by a one-off campaign or one that is completed on annual basis. It must be considered continually throughout every business process in the same way that we approach workplace safety for our employees.

To this end we have increased our opportunities for feedback, training and reviewing all company processes and we are working hard with and supporting others in our industry to create openings for improvement and remove any mental health stigma within our industry.


For further information or to get involved please visit:

Work Begins On Factory Expansion

Further space added to increase capacity at Thorpes Joinery’s HQ

We are delighted to announce that work has officially begun this week on a new Storage & Dispatch area at our Market Harborough base. The 7,000 sq ft expansion will increase our overall manufacture space to 47,000 sq ft and will be used to store joinery that is both in progress and ready to deliver to our various sites across the country.

The need for further space became quickly apparent following our move in to our custom designed facility just over a year ago, with the improved workflow, machinery and equipment increasing our efficiency across the entirety of the company. When complete, the storage facility will allow us to move completed joinery off the shop floor, further increasing our available manufacture space.

Thorpes New Storage - Overview
This new addition to our manufacturing base will allow us to continue along our path of managed growth as we look to service a larger share of the fit-out market.
— David Dean, Managing Director

Concept To Reality - Willis Towers Watson

The Reception Desk

HLW_WTW London_©Hufton+Crow_003.jpg

One of the undoubted highlights from Willis Towers Watson case study is the bespoke, 12m long reception desk designed and manufactured by our team here at Thorpes, and it presented a rather unique challenge.

Beginning its development at our previous site in Great Glen, the desk transitioned with us across to the new manufacturing facility in Market Harborough, where it was completed. In fact, you can see the desk appear towards the end of our trimmed down timelapse video below! 

This 12m long desk combines oak veneered lower fronts with a hand formed Corian raised counter top, all completely manufactured in house and the combination of solid surfaces and timber has created a stunning result.

 Corian was chosen in particular for this desk to help mould and form the solid surface to suit the non-linear shape and design of the desk's joinery element. The two materials compliment each other well, and help to reflect Willis Towers Watson's strong company culture. 

Being the most prominent furtniutre item is many offices, it's important for the reception desk to not only represent the company, but to uphold a professional first impression for clients

The size, style, and timescale of this truly specialist joinery item was a challenge, but a fantastic task to kick off life in our Market Harborough HQ. Beginning at our old site and finishing in our new facility before being taken to site in London was our first glimpse into our new and improved capabilities, and we are delighted with the end result.

Read more about our project for Willis Towers Watson here.

Health & Safety Manager Joins Thorpes

We are delighted to have recently appointed a new Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager.

We are delighted to have recently appointed a new Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager.

As with any industry, health & safety is a crucial element throughout all stages of the construction process. A healthy workplace and a healthy workforce is key to all of our future endeavors.  To that end we are delighted that Kristal has joined our team as our dedicated Health, Safety and Environmental Manger. Kristal's role is not only to support Thorpes Joinery in managing the safety of our employees, but to implement our vision for a healthy workplace and workforce.

Kristal has a wealth of experience developed over 10 years of working within the construction and manufacturing industry with a proven track record of reducing injury and illness in heavy engineering and construction environments.  


We wish Kristal the best of luck with her new role !

“It’s a very satisfying job, the workplace has a significant impact on people’s daily lives, health and general well-being. Being able to make improvements in these areas is incredibly rewarding. The commitment and values shown by the Thorpes leadership to make these advances is why I was so interested in joining the Team”
— Kristal, our newest member of the team

Kristal's interest in working for Thorpes stemmed from our company values: "Thorpes are a company that cares, and that's so important for the health and safety of employees"

We wish Kristal the best of luck with her new role!