Your Space: the Stephen Lawrence Centre

Thorpesjoinery help reform "Your Space" Area

About the Trust

Thorpes are delighted to have been involved in the recent fit-out of "Your Space" at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (SLCT). The Trust works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to inspire and enable them to succeed in the career of their choice; giving them an opportunity and the support to flourish in a society that treats them with fairness and respect. Your Space underwent a transformation, evolving the design of the co-working environment to help empower, inspire, and support it's users.

The Mission

The project was designed by global architecture firm Gensler and delivered by BW: Workplace Experts, but the wider project team consisted of 48-sub contractors and 34 suppliers, all of whom committed time and money to this cause, making it the largest pro-bono project of its type.

 Our team at Thorpes Joinery supplied and installed several bespoke joinery items for this fantastic project and we are thrilled to be able to aid the Trust in its vision to grow their work and secure Stephen's legacy.

Project Story

The main objective for project was to retain the same core values founded within the Trust and the bright interior is a manifestation of the emotional and physical healing process the trust represents. With such a large number of companies involved the fit out process involved fastidious planning and numerous meetings to ensure a smooth running project, and our team worked alongside many hardworking and creative individuals to help bring this concept into a reality.

We feel Your Space is an excellent next step to realising the Trust’s vision and mission, offering entrepreneurs an affordable space for their business to grow, while all proceeds are reinvested into the Trust to support our work of providing training and inspiration to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As we celebrate 20 years of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and commemorate 25 years since Stephen’s death we are also looking forward to the future and how the legacy of the trust can be secured going forward.
— Sonia Watson (Chief Executive of SLCT)
This was a tremendously satisfying project to be involved in, it is a space that makes a difference
— Peter Flynn (Contracts Manager at BW)
Seeing the emotional reaction of the staff and alumni at the center to the reworked space, and knowing what a difference it will make, has been incredibly rewarding.
— Chris Crawford (Lead Project Designer, Gensler)

Behind The Scenes: Spray Shop

Part two of our "Behind the Scenes" series takes an in depth look at our brand new Spray Shop.  There have been improvements across the board following our move, but the difference between the two sites is most striking in our spray shop and finishes department.

 Thorpes Joinery Spray Shop Market Harborough vs Great Glen

Custom designed to increase both our capability in both size and quality, our self-contained spray shop consists of four spraying booths, one of which measures at 6x6 metres, and represents a significant increase in size when compared to our two smaller booths in Great Glen. The facility has its own dedicated extraction system with the size and space necessary to cater for a wide range of manufactured products. With two drying rooms and space for storage and packaging - our new spray shop has completely modernised our approach to this element of our business, with new methods and equipment to improve both our capacity and quality.

 Thorpes Joinery Spray Shop - Market Harborough vs Great Glen


With production at our new HQ in full swing, many bespoke products have been painted, lacquered, and finished with precision and style in these new booths and we are delighted with the end products so far.

 Thorpes Joinery Spray Shop - Market Harborough vs Great Glen

Thorpes Continue Partnership with LCCC

Sponsorship of County Championship Side Enters Second Year

Yesterday, Leicestershire County Cricket Club (LCCC) formally announced the renewal of our sponsorship deal with the first-class side, with John Thorpe continuing his membership in the President's Club for the second year. After becoming the very first member of the new corporate club at the Fischer County Ground, John and the rest of the team at Thorpes Joinery fully embraced the opportunities on offer, with charity events, match tickets and business networking events on offer for all involved.

Lat year’s sponsorship was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for many of us here at Thorpes and we are delighted to continue this partnership for another year.

On A personal level I have supported the club for many years, but from a business perspective this provides numerous opportunities that we look forward to making the most of again.
— John Thorpe

Since our move to Market Harborough, we have placed greater emphasis on our commitment to local causes, and the opportunities provided by the Presidents Club suit this perfectly. We look forward to another fantastic season supporting The Foxes and wish them all the best in their competitions.

Mr John Thorpe was an inaugural member of the President’s Club and it is brilliant news that they are staying on board with us!
— Tracey Branson, LCCC Corporate Partnership Manager
LCCC Grounds.jpg

To read more about our deal with the club, follow the link here.

Behind The Scenes: Manufacture

We are continuing our behind the scenes series of our new HQ in Market Harborough, this time taking a look at the main hub of our whole operation - the factory floor.

One of the biggest improvements highlighted in our 2017 year in review article was the 60% increase in manufacture space since the move from Great Glen. Our workspace is not only larger but custom designed to aid workflow, thus greatly increasing our operational efficiency. This means we expand our capabilities in terms of output and project constraints.

 For example, one of the first items leaving the factory was the banquette seating for Condé Nast International, which was manufactured with ease in a significantly more spacious environment.

Prior to completion of our new site, Thorpes completed the purchase of Omnis Exhibitions, gaining their staff, machinery and expertise. Renowned for an ethos of problem solving and practicality the former Omnis team have been seamlessly incorporated into our workforce and have added their own unique skill set to our own.

The merger was well timed for a number of reasons, one such being that various individuals from both companies were consulted on the design of the new joiners benches. This was to ensure that not only would our specialist joiners have a spacious environment but all the attachments and necessary storage to ensure productivity was maximised.

Along with the bench joiners, our veneer department has also seen a significant change. There still exists the perfect blend of traditional and modern equipment but in a more spacious and ergonomic environment. This has provided the facility for our veneer technicians to create even more complex designs, excellently showcased within our board room table.

A modern facility such as ours deserves equally modern machinery within it. To that end, we have made significant investment into new equipment, including an entirely new spray shop and increasing our CNC capability by 200%. 

With manufacture for multiple projects in full swing we are already seeing the benefits of our move and we are delighted to say this has been noticed both internally and by our clients - true testament to our move.

Keep checking our website and social media to see more in depth looks behind the scenes here at Thorpes Joinery, as well as project images, company news and more.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Registration Awarded

We are delighted to announce our registration to the Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) starting this month.

Following a successful audit by the CCS, we are very pleased to have been awarded with our registration which is testament to our commitment to high-standards throughout the company.

Five Key Areas

In order to gain accreditation a Scheme Monitor visits the company and assesses five key areas which make up their Code of Considerate Practice, with a minimum score of 5/10 necessary across all areas in order to achieve registration to the scheme.


Code of Considerate Practice

Considerate Constructors Scheme
  1. Care about Appearance 
  2. Respect the Community,
  3. Protect the Environment 
  4. Secure everyone's Safety
  5. Value their workforce.


This in-depth audit of our company has provided an independent review of our company by an experienced industry professional. To that end we are delighted that comments included: "demonstrated a good regard of the local community", "much is done to support local charities" and "company measures to significantly reduce landfill are implemented", amongst others - a real indication of our company wide commitment to quality at  all levels.



what this means for us

"sustainable development where a biomass boiler is used to burn all wood waste" - CCS Report.

The overriding goal of the scheme is to "improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice under the Code". We are delighted to be a part of this wider reaching goal, and hope to contribute towards a positive perception of the construction industry.

Internally we are looking forward to being a member of the scheme, and will be sure to make the most of the independent assessment by experienced industry professionals to allow us to assess and benchmark our own performance.

To learn more about the CCS visit their website here: