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vacancy - apprentice joiners

We are currently seeking two apprentice joiners to join our factory team

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"Opportunities since the first year of business in 1947"

Find out more about our apprenticeships and hear what our newest apprentice has to say about the opportunity.

At Thorpes we've had apprenticeships ranging from sales and marketing to draughts-persons; not just in the factory


Placing a great emphasis on internal development and training makes our apprenticeships an ideal opportunity to start a career in one of the UK's biggest industries. 

Whether it’s in the factory or in the office, we value all our employees and encourage those reaching a qualification to gain as much on the job experience as possible. By doing this they become a part of Thorpes,  representing us through their work while gaining industry experience that some education doesn't offer.

Thorpes Joinery has offered apprentice opportunities since the first year of business in 1947 with an employee turnover rate of less than 6% last year. As Thorpes has grown - opportunities have grown, so stay in tuned with our vacancy page for what prospects arise. 

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“To me, learning while you work is an effective way of getting experience in an industry of your interest you may not have direct practise with after compulsory education. Although I have interest in media and business from my study of A-levels, I have not had first-hand experience in marketing alone; which I see to be influenced by these subjects. The apprentice marketing assistant opportunity at Thorpes has therefore been the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge through direct work experience.”
— Becci Houlston- Marketing Assistant Apprentice