World Environment Day 2019 - Air Pollution

World Environment Day has returned, this year focusing on the topic ‘Air Pollution’. We have a strong environmental policy at Thorpes, based around our legal and moral duties as a responsible company that recognises the impact of our works on the environment. Today we are sharing all the things that we do to help combat Air Pollution. With our brand new office and factory opening in 2017, we don’t have any excuse to not meet such high environmental standards.

This is just a few of the things that we are doing and striving to continuously improve in the best way we can at Thorpes.


Office & Factory Design:

When our new headquarters was in the design process, we wanted a light, open and airy space for both our office and factory team. Both areas in our facility feature high ceilings and an open plan design allowing efficient air flow throughout. Our offices were also fitted with smart heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as a number of windows to allow natural light and air flow.

Spray Shop:

Although our spray shop is only 18 months old we have been continuously making improvements in this area. The Sprayshop facility utilises a Dryback filtration system in order remove any VOC’s, solid particles and solvents prior to release to atmosphere. To improve both the efficiency and the operation of these filters and to ease the load on the extraction fans, an engineered solution has been put in place that draws unrestricted air through external venting at the rear of the Factory.  The aim of the redesign and improvements to the spray shop was to reduce running costs, put less burden on the extraction system and introduce a more efficient use of the hot water provided from burning our own waste and this solution has so far been delivering this.


The Factory areas utilise both “High Pressure Low Volume” and “Low Pressure High Volume” systems to remove dust and waste at source via the extraction system. This prevents dust build-up and allows us to maintain a clean, tidy and safe working environment.


Paints & Lacquers:

To reduce the emissions in our manufacturing facility we in the process of moving from solvent based paints and lacquers to water based and CFC solvent free products.



We recycle in many ways at Thorpes, ensuring that all office waste including paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, IT and electrical equipment is recycled in an appropriate manner. We also recycle materials used for packing and storage by returning them from site for re-use as well as donating relevant products to the community.


Landfill Waste:

To reduce the amount of product we send to landfill we regularly use a pre-treatment process for recyclable goods. We also have our own biomass boiler that conforms to the ‘Clean Air Act’.

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Vehicle Emissions:

All of our newly purchased light and heavy goods vehicles fall under the Euro 6 specification meaning lower emissions and efficient running costs. We also encourage the use of rail and public transport for our contracts and fixing staff who are regularly visiting projects across the country.

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