Spotlight On: Feature Ceilings

The design of a ceiling can completely change the look and feel of an office space. Feature ceilings have long been a popular element of our repertoire here at Thorpes and we’re grateful that we are given the opportunity to create uniquely bespoke, unconventional and particularly eye-catching designs for our clients.

Timber slatted or paneled ceilings are now often included in many office fit outs, providing greater benefits to both the look and feel of an office space when compared with the the standard foam paneled ceilings we seen in many workspaces. The visual and acoustic qualities of bespoke feature ceilings are some of the obvious benefits, but the influence that this can have on an overall space is notable.

Timber feature ceilings such as this one at Mastercard, provide wide reaching benefits to office design

Timber ceilings give an office environment a classic, yet distinct look. As with any timber product they are remarkably versatile, able to be manufactured to complement any colour schemes thanks to the many varieties of timber, and the ease at which these can be finished before installation.

Our timber system is acoustic in nature, reducing little to no notorious noise levels that can be transferred across floors or adjacent rooms keeping acoustics in it’s respective areas.

A common use of a wooden paneling system is to lower the height of a ceiling or to hide and disguise plumbing and other building elements which would better be left covered up for those with an aesthetic eye.

This slatted wooden raft ceiling we designed, manufactured and installed for our client, Mastercard back in 2015

Made up of 27 Solid FSC grade European Oak slats, this wooden ceiling is suspended on stainless steel wires held by steel bow shackles, covering up parts of office infrastructure that have been painted black for that extra disguise.

Due to the size of this raft, the manufacturing and installation process had to be split into a number of sections. Each section of the raft was assembled by a modeez modular fitting. Once this feature ceiling was installed, drop lighting fittings were added to aid in creating this bright and open breakout space for staff.

Mastercard 029.jpg