Considerate Constructors Rating Revealed for 2018

We are delighted to announce that Thorpes Joinery have been awarded a 4 Star rating for 2018 following several audits by monitors from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Since our registration to the scheme our team have been working hard towards their ‘Code of Considerate Practice"‘ which seeks to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice.

Key areas assessed include:

  • Care about Appearance - Enhancing the image of the indsutry through organised, clean and tidy sites, both internal and external.

  • Respect the Community - Provide consideration to our neighbours and the public by showing courtesy to those affected by our work.

  • Protect the Environment - Protect and enhance our environment by seeking sustainable practices and promoting responsible production.

  • Secure everyone’s Safety - Attain the highest levels of safety performance by caring for the welfare of the public, visitors and work face.

  • Value their Workforce - Provide a supportive and caring working environment where everyone is respected, treated fairly, encouraged and supported.

Our sites were assessed by Monitors against the above criteria and awarded four stars, a result which we are delighted with, as in order to do so, a rating of “Excellent” or higher is required in all areas.

High standards have been maintained at all stages of our production process.

High standards have been maintained at all stages of our production process.

We are delighted to have achieved this rating from the Considerate Constructors scheme. It is a great endorsement of the hard work throughout all levels of our organisation to improve the image of construction, something we firmly believe is a priority for our industry
— David Dean, Managing Director