Work Experience at Thorpes

We actively promote our relationships with local schools, and we are delighted to have recently welcomed several students to complete  work experience placements with us here at Thorpes. After being given a design brief to manufacture an item of their choice at the start of the week, the students followed the entire process from start to finish.  From discussing the process with our factory manager to manufacturing with the factory team, the students had the opportunity to see the key stages of the joinery operation whilst gaining their first glimpse into the working world!

Thorpes Joinery - Market Harborough - Work Experience - Q&A

When chatting to the students about why they chose construction for their work experience, it was interesting to see their thoughts on their future in the industry. One student in particular had a strong interest in one of her school subjects, Design Technology, and decided to use her work experience to gain an insight into a company who possesses both design and manufacture elements. We were sure to place them with our design team as well as production to maximise the value gained out of the experience.

Thorpes Joinery, Market Harborough, Work Expereince

Draughtsman Josiah has spent a large amount of time with the students in the office, sharing his knowledge of design and instructing them on how to best utilise the software to ensure synergy between design and the factory floor.

They all got on really well, quickly picking up the software basics of sketching and 3D features after a few demonstrations. They produced some impressive and accurate models of the items they’d made in the factory, taking the concepts from a paper sketch through to a model and a construction drawing. Towards the end, given some free reign, they got creative and used the tools to generate items ranging from a floating 3D logo to the basic outline of a 4x4
— Josiah, Thorpes Draughtsman

We hope the students enjoyed their time here at Thorpes and we wish them the best of luck with their futures in construction!

If you'd like to learn more about our work experience and job opportunities please feel free to contact us.