Behind The Scenes: Our Own Offices

Bringing all departments under one roof....

Our factory space has seen drastic improvements across the board and our new office space has also seen significant improvements. Since the move, we have combined departments that were previously over several sites under one roof, greatly increasing our efficiency and productivity.


The new bespoke, custom designed features of our offices include:

  • Open plan ceilings (not suspended) to add a modern and industrial feel to the office interior. The metal features of the open plan style with the suspended lights brings a light, positive, and motivating atmosphere to the space.
  • Acoustic fabric panels dividing desks and situated throughout the floor help with the acoustics, creating a more balanced environment whilst adding a stylish element. 
  • Extra desk space with the intention of expanding and growing departments; with several new members of staff already moving in to these spaces.
  • Modern tea points in both lower and upper office spaces to reflect the feel of our working environment and showcase our own production capabilities.

Although the design and layout of our offices has changed, many elements have remained the same. Since being located in a much larger office space, our factory manager hasn't changed from his previous notice board filing system, he has just gained some extra space to expand for new projects!