Considerate Constructors Scheme Registration Awarded

We are delighted to announce our registration to the Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) starting this month.

Following a successful audit by the CCS, we are very pleased to have been awarded with our registration which is testament to our commitment to high-standards throughout the company.

Five Key Areas

In order to gain accreditation a Scheme Monitor visits the company and assesses five key areas which make up their Code of Considerate Practice, with a minimum score of 5/10 necessary across all areas in order to achieve registration to the scheme.


Code of Considerate Practice

Considerate Constructors Scheme
  1. Care about Appearance 
  2. Respect the Community,
  3. Protect the Environment 
  4. Secure everyone's Safety
  5. Value their workforce.


This in-depth audit of our company has provided an independent review of our company by an experienced industry professional. To that end we are delighted that comments included: "demonstrated a good regard of the local community", "much is done to support local charities" and "company measures to significantly reduce landfill are implemented", amongst others - a real indication of our company wide commitment to quality at  all levels.



what this means for us

"sustainable development where a biomass boiler is used to burn all wood waste" - CCS Report.

The overriding goal of the scheme is to "improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice under the Code". We are delighted to be a part of this wider reaching goal, and hope to contribute towards a positive perception of the construction industry.

Internally we are looking forward to being a member of the scheme, and will be sure to make the most of the independent assessment by experienced industry professionals to allow us to assess and benchmark our own performance.

To learn more about the CCS visit their website here: