Manufacturing Facility January Progress

After the Christmas break the long planning stage for the build of our new facility was declared over as work began in earnest on the site. The ground was broken by company directors on 9th Jan and work immediately began on levelling the site, despite some reasonably adverse conditions.


Thanks to the timelapse camera installed by Leicester based company Reach Timelapse we are able to monitor progress from an elevated position and view the works as they are completed in 15 minute windows. Reach have provided construction timelapses for many of the UK's top development and construction companies and we are delighted to have their expertise on board.


As the end of the month approached we have a totally flattened site with all earth moving, cut and filling and lime/cement stabilisation complete. The beginning of February will signal the start of construction in earnest, as work on the foundations commences.


For more information about Reach Timelapse visit their website here, and be sure to check for further updates on the factory progress and other news.