Condé Nast International

Contractor - BW                                         APPROX VALUE - £500k-£1m  

ARCHITECT - MCM Architecture                                            YEAR - 2018                                              

One of our most recently completed projects for the world's leading privately-owned multimedia company Condé Nast International, mixes style and contemporary design to create a unique work space in their new London HQ.

Thorpes supplied a number of specialist and bespoke instalments to the site including two varieties of lattice ceiling and a range of banquette seating in varying shapes, including a curved c-shaped unit.

This theme of variation continues throughout the multiple tea points and break out areas across the office space. Using ribbed MDF with a coloured finish and an assortment of differing worktops ranging from stone to wood chips set in resin: we designed, produced and fitted our specialist installations to accommodate the previously existing office interiors.

Two examples of the teapoints installed.

Both of the feature ceilings hand crafted in our Market Harborough factory had similarities in their appearance but a number of key differences; The feature board room ceiling was produced from solid oak with a clear finish and specially designed to accommodate the overhead projector and this differs from the black painted lattice ceiling, made from tulip wood this was mounted on a specially procured foam backing to assist with the acoustics throughout the office.

The variation in materials is a key contributor to the contemporary feel of the workspace, and compliments Condé Nast’s standing as an innovator of their industry. Showcasing some of Condé Nast’s many publications such as Vogue and GQ amongst others, Thorpe’s folded metal shelving to the library area is one such modern twist. Also featured are other materials such as recycled leather, ribbed felt and corian which feature throughout to contribute towards a unique, eye-catching design.

Click here to view a 360 tour of the central office area!

The staff really love their new office. The bistro seating in the café is one of their favourite spaces and is used all the time!
— Aidan Geary, Director of Operations - Condé Nast International